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COVID-19 PROTOCOL. Updated 3/11/2020

As established in the DECREE law 17/2020, of October 29, on extraordinary measures in tourism to face the effects of the health and economic crisis produced by the pandemic caused by COVID-19, published in the official gazette of the Canary Islands , since 14/1/2020 and in order to preserve the low epidemiological incidence of the archipelago and guarantee the sustainability of tourist activity, the following measures come into force:

All visitors over the age of six who are not arriving from Canary Islands must present a certificate that is officially recognised by the healthcare authorities to show that they have tested negative for active COVID-19 infection in the past 72 hours.

This certificate will be required to check in this and any other tourist accommodation in the islands. You may show a digital or hard copy of it and it must contain the date and time the test was taken, the identity of the individual taking it, the laboratory responsible for verification and the nature of the aboratory, and the negative result.

This certificate will not be required for non-residents who show proof (in the form of a travel document) that they have been in Canary Islands territory for the 15 days prior to the date they are checking into this tourist accommodation and that they have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.

Canary Islands residents must show proof that they are such and declare, under their own responsibility, that they have not left Canary Islands in the 15 days prior to arriving at this establishment and that they have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.

This tourist accommodation will deny entry to anyone who does not comply with the above conditions. As an exception, if you state that you are willing to take a diagnostic test, we will provide you with details of the nearest authorised centre and we will allow you to enter and stay for the minimum time required to get your results. You will not be able to leave your accommodation unit until the results are received.

We recommend downloading and keeping the RADAR COVID contagion notification app enabled on your mobile during your stay in the islands and for the 15 days immediately following your return to your place of origin.

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Action protocol on Covid-19 at Club Siroco

At Club Siroco we have as a priority objective the safety and well-being of our clients. Our commitment to your safety and that of our team is firm and for this reason, we have established a series of measures to make your stay as safe as you wish. Our measurements are:

1. Cleaning and disinfection protocols
In our hotel, cleaning protocols are followed, inspired by medical practices approved by the World Health Organization and CEHAT protocols.
 Cleaning of surfaces in common areas: disinfection of the reception, lobby, corridors, restrooms, restaurants and other common areas of hotels is carried out according to protocols, products and medical frequency.
 Room disinfection: we use the most efficient cleaning technology and products on all surfaces, objects and decorative elements, in addition to clinically proven protocols in textile washing.
 Sterilization of kitchens and utensils: through cleaning products and practices following hospital protocols.
2. Restoration services adapted to the current situation 
To minimize risks, we have adapted our ordering, preparation, delivery, consumption and payment processes for restaurant services in all our hotels
Supplier certification: we follow the strictest security protocols in delivery processes
 Food safety: we minimize product handling and human contact both in preparation and delivery, through single-use packagings.
 Room service and take away products: our restaurants follow strict security protocols.
3. Rules of social distancing
All protocols are followed to facilitate the social distance required in interaction with other people.
Safety signage: we have created specific signs in all public areas of the hotel reminding you of the need to maintain a safe distance.
Redesign of common areas - furniture has been relocated, following new legislation, to help customers maintain social distance
Staff support: to help clients implement the measures in all areas.
4. Protocols and personal protection material
We offer protection elements to all our clients, employees and suppliers throughout their stay.
Security and disinfection elements for clients.
Protection of employees - all hotel workers have the necessary equipment to carry out their work with all the health guarantees.
Mandatory equipment for suppliers - all suppliers that access the hotel do so following the necessary security measures.
5. Air and water purification protocols 
In all hotels, we follow the strictest standards of purification and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as water and pool purification.
Air quality - we increase the frequency of inspections of ventilation systems and decontamination protocols.
Water disinfection - We follow updated drinking water disinfection standards and revised wastewater treatment protocols.
Pools and fountains - we apply new water sanitation protocols more frequently.
6. Safety and health protocols for employees 
For added safety, all of our personnel meet the health requirements for work.
Daily Checkups - Staff undergo checkups before and after their workday.
Early detection protocols - and action plans in case of health problems in clients with the option of isolation, protection material, contact with medical services and transport logistics.
Specific training of personnel - to apply safety protocols and practices adapted to health regulations.
7. Health Safety Committee 
We have a sanitary safety committee in the hotel for the implementation of new measures and in the training of the rest of the employees, as well as a partner for the prevention of occupational risks.
Implementation of measures - is responsible for implementing and updating the necessary measures.
Employee Training - trains all employees in the procedures necessary to protect other employees, customers and suppliers.
Responsible for effectiveness - is responsible for applying the highest level of eco-responsibility possible in all new practices.

The Government of the Canary Islands, reinforces its commitment to the safety and tranquility of its visitors, through the following insurance policy:

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